Study: Low Teacher Income Correlates with Intolerance, Radicalism

‘Private teachers tend to be more intolerant than public teachers’
October 18, 2018
PPIM Survey: 57 Percent of Teachers Have an Intolerant View
October 18, 2018

EN.NETRALNEWS.COM –¬†Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Islam and Society (PPIM) Saiful Uman said low teacher income correlated with intolerance and radicalism. This was conveyed by Saiful in the Launching of the Results of the National PPIM Survey – The Diminishing Light: A Religious Portrait of Indonesian Teachers, Tuesday (10/16/2018).

For that, said Saiful, attention to the welfare of teachers must be a priority for government and policy makers. One way to improve the welfare of these teachers is to create a better standard minimum for teacher salary, without distinguishing the status of public and private schools.

“The survey results show that teacher income correlates with the tendency of intolerance and radicalism. So there needs to be a minimum standard of teacher payment without distinguishing the status of public and private schools,” Saiful said.

In addition, research also shows that female teachers are more intolerant than male teachers. This is more or less related to the trend of women’s lecturing assemblies which tend to increase and are often the “target” of preaching by intolerant/exclusive groups.

“To that end, attention to female teachers in relation to the spread of Islamism must be a serious concern. The reason is that the factor of Islamism is one of the important variables related to teacher intolerance and radicalism,” Saiful explained.

Saiful added the Islamic view of the teacher refers to aspects of how Islamic law is applied in all political spheres, showing the style referred to as radical Islamism. Radical Islamic understanding emphasizes the importance of Sharia as the main reference source in all aspects of life.

The target population of the 2018 PPIM survey is 2,237 Muslim teachers in schools/Islamic schools at the level of kindergarten, elementary, junior high, senior high schools, who teach all subjects in Indonesia. PPIM does focus its field of study and research on topics related to Islam and society.

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