National Survey on Religiosity and Intolerant Behaviors among Teachers

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March 12, 2019
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September 9, 2019

In 2018, PPIM UIN Jakarta conducted a research survey entitled “the Dimmed Light” concerning on religiosity and intolerant behaviors of Moslem teachers. The survey was a following up from the previous research survey “Fire in Chaff” on religiosity and intolerant behaviors among students, college students, teachers, and lecturers in Indonesia (PPIM, 2017). The “Fire in Chaff” survey has uncovered an alarming level of intolerant and radical view and tendency of actions among students. The survey also showed major number of students were actually discussing and consulting religious problems not just with religious teachers, yet also those who teach in other study areas. Meanwhile, school’s/ madrasah’s teachers have significant role that contribute to their students paradigm of knowledge. They are the light of education, a patron for the development of nation’s civilization.

Thus, the “Dimmed Light” survey upon 2.237 respondents of Moslem teachers varied from regular public schools and Islamic-based public schools in the level of kindergarten, elementary, junior, and senior high schools were seeking to portray how the point of view and behaviors among those teachers are, in regard to radical and intolerant view.

Further findings and analyses can be read in its book report on “Pelita yang Meredup: Keberagamaan Guru Sekolah/ Madrasah di Indonesia” (the Dimmed Light: Religiosity of Teachers at Regular/ Islamic Schools in Indonesia). The research program also advocate some evidence-based strategic policy recommendations. The policy brief on teacher in general can be accessed here, while the policy brief on Madrasah teacher in specific can be accessed here.





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